Late night fun with art and music

Polly Horner signs her long awaited book talking to friend and acclaimed artist Fred Cuming

On Saturday, December 11 the town and shopkeepers stepped up to create a wonderful atmosphere with lovely displays in windows and music in various locations. The day for readers and children started at the Bank Gallery in the high street where Polly Horner organized a book signing of her book “Colour Bird”. There was also interesting art to view as well as buying the book.

Polly says: “Colour Bird is an introduction to colour for young children.” Using imaginative images, it aims to make recognition of primary colours fun and involving. “The book also aims to show the light and beauty within the young readers themselves.” It was a long road for Polly to give birth to Colour Bird and express in the book what she wanted young children to feel and learn about colour.  “Polly Horner combines truth and magic in a strange and striking way.” (Sunday Times). Polly also wrote ‘Polly and the North Star’, with illustrations, and won the ‘Early Years Award’ for best new illustrator.  You can visit her website for more Polly creations.

Carly and Kim, powerful personalities to get us singing

Later in the afternoon, the music started. Drummers walking around town, jazz in the Kino terrace and the wonderful Marsh Choir at the Buttermarket in Market Street. Carly, who is the leader of several Marsh choirs is inspiring and full of energy which makes singing with her pure joy. She is able to get everyone, altos, tenors and sopranos to learn her harmonies in less than an hour, finishing with a beautiful sound. Sadly it was raining but a stoic audience stayed to  the end. A great day even with drizzly weather.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .


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