Mapp and Lucia invite you in

The inviting entrance

Lamb House (LH) in West Street, has transformed itself into a Mapp & Lucia immersion experience for Christmas and many local people might remember the filming of “Mapp & Lucia” in 2014 for television.

There was great fun seeing the areas around Lamb House altered again, to look like the initial TV series in 1985-86 based on the stories of E.F Benson.

Dinner is served

LH is now run entirely by the National Trust and the management have embraced the festive spirit of ‘Tilling’, transforming LH into Benson’s fictional alter ego of ‘Mallards’ for Christmas. They are delighted to work with local artists like Janet Haken, Robert Pearce, Elizabeth Kimber and others from the Tuesday Painters in Rye. A team of volunteers has decorated the walls and fireplaces, creating beautiful garlands with greenery and flowers.

Entering the hall to be greeted by a beautiful Christmas tree,  the dining room invites you to a festive dinner. Visit the ‘Tilling Arts Club’s Winter Exhibition’ in the white parlour upstairs, a room which had not in the past been open to visitors.

Local painters display their work

Next door to the white parlour is the small ‘spy room’ with all the items needed to keep an eye on the comings and goings on the streets outside Lamb House.

Downstairs in the smaller parlour two bridge tables invite visitors to sit down and play and the Henry James’ telephone room now displays books and letters as well as a hat and coat stand in the 1880s mode.

The staff and volunteers have excelled themselves, to give people a wonderful feeling of times past and to be part of the spirit of Mapp & Lucia visit Lamb House on Sunday December 8 when the house will be open and at 4pm the Music Well choir singing will add to the experience.

Image Credits: Jennifer Hatton .


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