Marsh Choir sings Queen

Carly Bryant loves her flock to rock

The Marsh Choir is running another mini course via Zoom, and this time we are going to rise to the challenge of the mighty “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen!!!

This year we have managed a mini Mozart course and a sea shanty course, and now it’s time for us to complete the trilogy with an all time classic. Carly Bryant is a one off, talented and enthusiastic.

Carly Bryan inviting the audience to sing
  • Cost £25
  • Zoom lessons Mondays at 7pm & Wednesdays 10am
  • Zoom lessons uploaded for replay every week
  • Massive video/record released at the end of the 5 weeks, plus extra zoom session for those wishing to be in the video and learn the choreography (!)


Image Credits: Kitty Hope , Heidi Foster .


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