Creating a gallery in mid air

An artist's impression of the gallery when the competition is over

Calling all artists – whether you be painters, sculptors, ceramicists, mosaicists, embroiderers, knitters, poets, and even composers – to enter a competition, and the Footbridge Gallery is an Art Competition open to all.

The Footbridge Project is a community group run by volunteers and we are aiming to visually enhance the well-used but unloved footbridge that crosses the railway line in Bexhill, connecting both sides of the town – and we are going to create an open-air gallery on the internal walls of the footbridge – the Footbridge Gallery – quite possibly unique in the world.

The Gallery has the potential to enhance the local area’s cultural experience, to become a tourist magnet for the town, and to give pleasure during the Covid-19 pandemic and into the future – and all the works will be displayed as a digital print for two years, when we plan to run another competition for new works.

We’re looking for entries from any of the above disciplines – anything, in fact, that can be reproduced digitally! And absolutely anyone in the Rother area is invited to submit, young or old, and the competition runs until May 28.

Check out our site

If you’re interested in entering the competition go to our hub, and it will take you to the entry form where you can upload your artwork and eventually see a gallery for public voting.

We have already applied for, and received some funding – but we still need more to make this all happen. If you’d like to make a donation – large or small, every penny helps – you can use the donate button on the front page, or drop us a line at and we will send you the proposal for fuller information on what we are aiming for.

Thanks for reading. Look forward to seeing your entries!

Image Credits: Footbridge Gallery .


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