New Chapter opens for Lamb House

Chapter and Lyric

Chapter and Lyric (pictured above) will be staging two days of inspirational music and learning on August 30-31 in the surprising setting of the walled garden of the National Trust’s Lamb House in the heart of Rye as one of 50 events in a jam-packed weekend. Described as a “unique and inspirational live music and educational project” in the Festival programme, Chapter and Lyric is part of the Rye International Jazz and Blues Festival between August 27 and 31. More information and booking is available here.

For night owls however, the Spectrum Jazz Lounge may have more appeal if you can imagine the coolest New York jazz club, candlelit tables, and the best live music including pianist and singer Theo Jackson, and American soul diva Avery* Sunshine as well as (even later in the lounge) Gwyneth Herbert and the Shez Raja Collective.

Heidi Foster recalls last year in the lounge: “I hope the recent launch for the Jazz week-end in August, and those who attended – sampling the excellent champagne and fun cocktails – wetted their appetite for the fantastic music offerings which will liven up Rye in venues and the streets. My most fun experience last year was the Jazz Lounge and I would encourage everyone to make sure they sample it at least once and you may even enjoy it so much as to repeat the experience.

“Several of us went last year, at different times, and were amazed how Ian and his staff transformed an unlikely hall, the Community Centre on Conduit Hill. You walk in and are transported into a night club. There are two different times: 7:30pm for late eaters and the second show at 10:00pm to 10:30pm for Night Owls.

GoGo Penguin
GoGo Penguin

“Even if the music wasn’t always what we expected, it was magic. This year some of the performers sound very interesting, out of the ordinary and not the norm which is great. I can’t wait and hope to see some of you there. It’s worth it just for the ambience.”

But for a completely different change of scene, St Mary’s historic church houses award winning jazz singer James Torme on Friday August 28, ”Female Vocalist of the Year” Blues singer Jo Harman on Saturday, and GoGoPenguin (pictured here) on the Sunday.

This Mancunian Trio gives a stirring evaluation of what a piano trio should sound like in the 21st century as jazz meets electronica with skittering break-beats, telepathic interplay and a penchant for anthemic melody. Church cat Sylvester, who likes to scratch at electric cables may not be impressed, even if the audience (congregation) is. (Source: Festival programme)

Photos: Rye International Jazz and Blues Festival