New Road Artists Summer Show

Steph Rubin's 'Heads'

I was privileged to be at the preview of the New Road Artists Summer Show on June 21, with Pimm’s on the drinks list, and as it was a lovely summer’s evening, it was very welcome.

Seascapes on the right by Georgie Watson, painting on left by Claire Eva Barton

Some may think that the Rye Creative Centre has closed and finished but I must tell you all that it is flourishing. Perhaps a bit of adversity in the business side of things means that the creative edge flourishes even more.
Artist Georgie Watson (2nd left) with her mother and other visitors

The Centre has more than 30 studios, full of the artistic talent of the area. This Summer Exhibition is no exception in standard, offering a varied and accomplished selection. I was thrilled to see a selection of heads modelled from life and each with a story to tell by Steph Rubin. Each head was accompanied by an audio tale, depicting a number of cultural identities. A very strong piece of work.
Paintings by Paula MacArthur, Daryl Balcombe, and Georgie Watson were displayed, as well as many others, including prints by Beverley Thornton, Angelica Howard and more. Felt pieces beautifully created by Susan Prince were shown, together with some carefully drawn pencil pieces, and of course photographs and mixed media. Several were ‘new on the block’ such as delicately enamelled pieces of jewellery by Tara Culley Designs. So the list of media and the genres is becoming more varied.
The Rye Creative Centre is just on the edge of Rye, the New Road, towards Camber and Brooklands, and just a stones throw over the River Rother. Post code TN31 7LS and telephone number 01797 229 797
The exhibition runs until August 10, from 10am-4pm, Tuesday to Friday and by appointment.
The Rye Creative Centre has  studios for rent in the outstanding facilities of this former School. Anyone looking for a studio should check it out. Of course, other exhibitions are in the pipeline and an abundance of classes and tutorials. Details can be found on their web site and Facebook.

Photos: Carol Macdonald



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