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Dustbin Day outside Seaview Terrace

Though in the words of the song, “there’s no place that I would rather be”,  there are definitely some things that bother me.  Dropped litter is one of them, and another is people leaving out their plastic rubbish sacks without any protection from the seagulls. At least the seagulls have an excuse, they have to make a living.
The refuse collectors employed by Rother District Council are quite brilliant at their job, and long-suffering usually in clearing up mess dispersed across the pavements, but  even they drew the line last Monday, June 25, at the sight that greeted them outside Seaview Terrace, on the corner of East Street and Market Street.

Bins obstructing the pavement

Wheelie bins may not be practicable or aesthetically pleasing in a Conservation Area, but an alternative is available in the shape of heavy duty canvas sacks. It is irresponsible of home-owners not to use them, or to request that their holiday-break tenants use them as a condition of the letting
If litter is distasteful, blocked pavements are dangerous, forcing pedestrians out into the street and a hazard to the safety of anyone pushing a pram. Builders have to use skips, when they are refurbishing old properties, and it is understood that causing obstruction can be permitted by obtaining official licence. However, the two bins shown in the picture (right) have been obstructing the pavement at the bottom of East Street opposite Adams Stationers for several months now. It is to be hoped that the requirement for their presence will shortly be at an end.

Photos: Kenneth Bird


  1. Most local residents know approximately what time the binmen arrive,and should time putting their rubbish out accordingly, as for holiday let’s that should be up to the landlords to make sure their vacating tenants or somebody else takes the rubbish to the recycling compound at Gibbets marsh.


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