Open Studios – art in Fairlight

One of the the studios
A work by artist Sally Cole

A rare opportunity arose on Saturday, June 29, to visit a private hamlet as part of the yearly Open Studios and Garden. The artists at Stable Studios, Fairlight Place Farm, opened their door to visitors who could either just admire or buy the artists work.

There was also a beautiful garden at the back hiding the barn where guest artist, Felicity Truscott, installed her sculptures and handmade basketry.

Sarah Palmer – artist and maker of pottery

In Sally Cole’s studio was a pop up bar with food and wine supplied by Graze on Grand winery which can be found in St Leonards.

 Sarah Palmer, artist and maker of pottery, was showing her interesting pottery. She will be with the Rye Society of Artists at their summer exhibition in August.

Denise Franklin’s paintings were very atmospheric. Unfortunately this weekend was a one off but the individual artists, no doubt, would be glad to hear from interested people. The studios can be contacted either through their Facebook page or by email at

Image Credits: Heidi foster , Heidi Foster .


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