Oska and Gary at gallery

Centre image: 'the Monarch' by Oska Lappin
Polly Horner's illustration Hector and the birds
Polly Horner’s illustration, Hector and the birds

Last Friday June 17 we were treated to an interesting preview of the new exhibition featuring the work of Oska Lappin and Gary Goodman (in the second and third ground floor rooms) at the Rye Art Gallery on the High Street. It was an eclectic attendance, with new and old faces.
In the first room, as one walks in, there are various artists unconnected with the main exhibition (described on the website as an “ever changing display of covetable and precious objects”,but for me one stands out, Polly Horner, an illustrator of children books. Her drawings are absolutely delightful. The two pictures shown here are from a book called Hectors’ Island and it was co-written with a French poet.

Polly has published already: “Polly and the North Star.” I love her interpretations which are delicate and poignant. Do check her out, either as an artist or to buy her book.

Polly Horner's illustration Hector and the Flowers
Polly Horner’s illustration Hector and the Flowers

In the second room (by the sales desk) and the third room (at the bottom of the stairs) was the new exhibition of St Leonard’s based Oska Lappin and Gary Goodman, described as two uncompromising Sussex artists. Oska’s paintings are colourful, raw and different, maybe not to everyone’s taste but certainly arresting.

Box set of Oska Lappin's paintings
Box set of Oska Lappin’s paintings

Visitor, Kent Barker, author and journalist, enthused: “Oska is the most exciting artist, a joy and accessibly priced in an era where much art is overpriced.” He bought the box of her prints called: “Every Girl Wants A Minotaur For A Man” (after Picasso).

In the same room were paintings by Gary Goodman and I have to admit I found his paintings difficult.  Go and see for yourself.

Three works by Gary Goodman
Three works by Gary Goodman

Going upstairs, to galleries 4,5 and 6 and again separate from the main exhibition (but described on the website as gallery favourites), there was a collection of various artists who have been shown before like Keith Purser. I particularly liked this specific painting , shown below.

There was also a glass case full of decorative glassware (which I had not seen before) with some designed individually by Andrew Sanders and David Wallace as well as some where they were collaborating with each other. Gallery 5, right at the back, can sometimes be overlooked !

Keith Purser: Triple Ship
Keith Purser: Triple Ship

On the top floor, in gallery six, the public is able to admire the permanent collection.

Apart from the enjoyment of viewing the creative exhibits which gallery director Jane Fenn picked, the preview is always a lovely way to meet new people and reconnect with friends one hasn’t seen for a while.


Photos by Heidi Foster


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