Piano, jazz, climate catastrophe

Dr Aspalls and Timberlina get ready to PAARRRTTTY

Locals at the Globe were treated to a secret performance of the new show last Friday, April 12, from leading Rye performance artistes Dr Aspalls (Phil Law) and Timberlina (Tim Redfern). The show acted as a taster for the London premiere of Agitated Piano Cabaret, which will take place at the Underbelly festival on the South Bank on April 24 at 9:30pm.

The show deals with environmental issues with fun and fury, covering fatbergs, ocean plastics and other uglies.

Tickets are available online from £14.

Timberlina can also be seen every Monday night at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern’s Big Bingo  which is an experience like no other.

Also at the Underbelly festival will be Austenatious, a show where audience members help to create an improvised Jane Austen novel. Love, class and money are likely to come up, as they did when the company performed at the Rye Arts Festival in 2017.

Image Credits: Ren Brocklehurst .


  1. Thanks so much to all the fantastic staff at The Globe and everybody who came to our preview show – you were a great audience with a lot of creative feedback. We performed at Underbelly in London on 24th and again thanks to some folk from Rye who made the trip to see us: the show was well accepted by a fab responsive audience.

    We’re currently looking for a slightly larger venue than the Globe to perform for our local friends in Rye + working with the Jazz Festival organisers for a ‘grande performance’ at the festival in August. Meanwhile if you’re free on Friday 7th June we’re playing at 7.30 on the iconic Golden Hinde (www.goldenhinde.co.uk) Gig will end at 8.30 so plenty of time to have a drink with us after and get back to Rye!

    Best wishes Phil

  2. This is a fantastic show having seen it at the Globe and London. I do hope they get to perform in August. Go see it if they do folks, it’s amazing!


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