Poetry, music and wine at Danny’s


On Sunday, October 2, I was relaxing when I had a message of a fun afternoon happening at Danny’s Olde Worlde Wine Bar in Cinque Ports Street. It seems that Danny has started bringing together whoever is brave enough to perform and the afternoon is billed as:  “poetry, music and miscellany”.

Stephen East
Stephen East
Interesting voice like Leonard Cohen
Just like Leonard Cohen.

Steve Wilson was the compere this Sunday, encouraging everyone to do a number or two. I was told it takes place the first Sunday of every month.

Lawrence Wilson and Emma Coswell were first to render their poetry which was amusing especially as Emma’s dog had perfect timing, barking when we clapped.

Stephen East said he was nervous but in fact his lyrics were very authentic.

Simon Kershaw warned us that his next poem was quite rude which it was, though no-one left the room. Reg Marchant, the “Rye Legend” as he was introduced,  entertained us with his lovely voice and fun personality, accompanied by Phil Law on the piano.

Paul Camic challenged us with some questions, dividing us into groups for the answers. Lots of chatter, a few suggestions, wrong, but some clever clogs knew the answers without Google!

Simon Kershew
Simon Kershaw

When did women get the vote in England:  1918, 1922, 1954?  When were married women able to ask for a divorce: 1875, 1925, 1950?

It was an entertaining afternoon. I may even be tempted to bring one of my poems next time.

In the evening several of us, including the poets met up at the Ypres Castle Inn for the Nightshift Trio, who are great musicians.



Photos: Heidi Foster

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