Red Door Alchemist Gallery opens

Tina Kaul opens her new gallery

Tina Kaul’s journey for a creative space to show her art and open a gallery different to most others, ended by finding a shop at 58 Cinque Ports Street. Tina moved to Rye in 2017 and dreamt about owning a creative space, a small shop where she could host her own exhibitions a couple of times a year but also share this opportunity with fellow artists. She realised that it is hard for artists to cover their running costs with the high commissions which bigger galleries need to take.

Tina Kaul – arty furniture

Tina recently started up-cycling old furniture. She says she sees a table top in a similar way as a blank canvas and likes to use colour and pattern to create a unique piece of art.

Red Door’s set up turns the conventional concept of an art gallery on its head. People can hire the gallery space and facilities and the artists run their own show for two weeks, keeping all their sales revenue. It allows them exclusive freedom to organise their show. It also means that every two weeks there is a new reason to visit the gallery.

Tina Kaul’s work

There has been an overwhelming response to Tina’s concept from the artist community and bookings for 2019 are almost full. Only a few slots are still available but anyone interested is encouraged to get in touch. Tina explained that she always liked the concept of  ‘Alchemy’ as its wider definition means the magical process of transformation  or creation. She felt it expressed the dream she wanted to realise with Red Door.

To get more information or book the gallery go to the website or phone 07848 449 069.

Image Credits: Tina Kaul , Heidi Foster .



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