Silk on canvas – a must see

Cyclists - watercolour on silk

David Ridgway, who normally exhibits his own art at The Peacocke Gallery in Lion Street, is hosting an exhibition of works by renowned artist, Maria Aidinyantz. A love affair with luminous material drove her to create silk pieces for canvas, using only the finest silk. Looking at the pictures one can instantly appreciate the relationship between them and the natural wonder of silk art.

It is a slow, three-step process. The pictures are drawn first by hand, then traced on to 5mm Chinese silk pieces. Once tracing is complete, the pictures are outlined and coloured with French watercolour, designed for use on silk. As colours are placed, the whole experience tends to unfold in a blink of an eye. It is difficult to grasp the process but the colours in the picture will stay in one’s mind once viewed.

Marie was born 1940, the second child of an Armenian family that left Russia during the 1915 unrests. She graduated from a French school with several languages and frequently travelled to Europe and the USA. In 1990 she realised that her artistic flare could allow her to use the finest silk for her pictures on canvas. She experimented with the new form until she was offered an opportunity to sell her paintings. Since then she has sold privately through her gift shop in the USA, galleries and has produced commissions.

The reactions to her silk art often include awe and wonder. Sadly, Marie died in September 2013. She wanted her paintings to be shown in galleries to inspire artists, as her dream was to help new and emerging talent. There will be a private viewing and live jazz evening on Friday, July 16 from 7pm – 9.30pm, performed by Marie’s daughter while visitors can view her mother’s art as well as David’s and a few paintings by young artist Zac Ziani. The Peacocke Gallery is open at weekends. During the week an appointment can be made. The phone number is 07376 604288. You can view the gallery’s website here.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .


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