Tales from the Afterlife


On October 20, a new exhibition of works by Matt Hardman under the title: “Tales from the Afterlife” opens at the Rye Art Gallery. The artist has been described as an exponent of contemporary gothic impressionism, in which figures and landscapes are rendered in images “by turns, strange and sublime, disturbing and beautiful,” in the words of the current Gallery programme.

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Matt has gathered many awards and contributed to many group and one man shows. His work is held in national and private collections around the country and abroad. He studied art at the University of Brighton and is a member of the Rye Society of Artists. In addition to the exhibition at Rye Art Gallery, he has a showing currently at the Langham Gallery in London.

Matt Hardman is the artist behind the branding for Wild Boar Week and Rye Bay Scallop Week. Speaking about his work, he says: “I have always thought that my art speaks for itself, that is the language”.

Source: Rye Art Gallery

Image Credits: Rye Art Gallery .

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