The Bling Crosbies delight again

Setting the mood for Crosbies sing along
Alain having fun with the gang at Strand Court

Strand Court put on a buffet and drinks to celebrate Christmas with The Bling Crosbies last Tuesday, December 18. The residents loved them so much last year they invited them again and together everyone joined into the fun and songs.

Eilie at her entertaining best

Alan De Sel is unique, smooth and sophisticated with a twinkle in his eyes, Ellie Lane with her lovely voice and bags of personality can’t but make one laugh. Both know how to brighten up the mood of the audience wherever they perform. It was a great afternoon for younger and older generations. They will be performing at the Grapevine in Conduit Hill on Saturday December 22.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .


  1. A big thank you to Heidi for this write-up and photos. We were delighted to add some extra sparkle and fun to Strand Court’s Christmas get-together! Ellie and Alain, The Bling Crosbies


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