Triple value in new exhibits

Guests at the private view

For the next five to six weeks Rye Art Gallery presents three contrasting exhibitions, running concurrently. On the top floor is “Margaret Barnard 1898-1992”, a wide variety of works by Margaret Barnard from the Gallery’s permanent collection. These range from atmospheric Scottish landscapes to lino paintings of ‘The Rowers’ and ‘Girl and Fox’. She lived at 4 Watchbell Street for many years with her husband Robert MacKechnie. This part of the Gallery is still called the “MacKechnie Room” after Robert.

Moving down the building there are three textile artists: Heather Collins, Madeleine Day and Josephine Ho on the middle floor with “Connect The Threads”. The textures and patterns here make it very difficult to obey the Do Not Touch notices. Much of their inspiration comes from Sussex landscapes and seascapes. All three artists employ a fascinating range of techniques such as wire, quilting, handmade fabric, screen printing, machine and hand embroidery.

The ground floor of the Gallery presents “Face the Front”. This includes compelling, cutting edge works from national artists working locally, including Robert Sample, Lucy Sedgewick, Matt Hardman, Rachel Glittenberg, Victoria Kiff, Luke Hannam and Alex Thornton. It is difficult to single out any individual artist but the collection is fascinating and progressive and brings zest to the Gallery.

At the moment Rye Art Gallery has something for all tastes – a visit is certainly recommended. Opening hours Mon-Sat 10:30am-5pm, Sun 12noon-4pm.

Photos: Ray Prewer