Ruth Green
Rother District Council candidate


We invited each candidate to supply up to 500 words on why they deserve your vote, optionally including a photograph and a link to an election address. We have published their submissions verbatim, no editorial changes have been made. Any errors are those of the candidate.

Ruth Green

Party description: UKIP

I’m East Sussex born and bred and am deeply saddened and disturbed by the barrage of damage done to our countryside and environment, and the attendant depletion of wildlife habitats and eco systems. I have worked a little as a volunteer conservationist and from that experience I gained knowledge and caring.

Through working with my beautiful sister, who had a severe learning disability and Down’s Syndrome, I learned to be sensitive to the needs of those who are unable to speak up for themselves, for the vulnerable in our society.

I also worked as a volunteer within the NHS, facilitating a group for people who suffered from mental illness, with my speciality being hearing voices. From this, I learned just how devastating mental illness can be and my passion is to offer help to not only sufferers but their loved ones, too, who often don’t know how to help or simply don’t understand.

I’m deeply saddened by cutbacks in day centres which have resulted in vulnerable and lonely people left without much needed and valued support and friendship.

If elected, I will work diligently and with caring to help and make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable and to try to protect our wildlife and environment; also to encourage employment of people with learning disabilities.

Image Credits: Ruth Green .


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