Jayne Stevens
Rother District Council candidate


We invited each candidate to supply up to 500 words on why they deserve your vote, optionally including a photograph and a link to an election address. We have published their submissions verbatim, no editorial changes have been made. Any errors are those of the candidate.

Jayne Stevens

Party description: Conservative Party Candidate

Jayne Stevens believes everyone including you has a contribution to make within their community and that everyone has a voice that should be heard. Remember ‘Your voice matters and we’re listening’.

Jayne knows it is a difficult time at the moment with all that is happening with regard to Brexit and she shares your frustration, but what keeps her going is, despite ‘What is happening at present’ life will go on and local issues in Rye and Winchelsea Town where you live still need to be addressed.

Jayne believes that only if we take action by working together ~ with you, will there be any any positive difference made. Working together will enable the services and support, that you need, deserve and pay for are delivered in Rye and Winchelsea Town.

If successfully elected by you on Thursday May 2nd along with her sister present Cllr Gennette Stevens ~ if we are your chosen representatives we pledge to hold a monthly surgery so that you ‘the people of Rye and Winchelsea Town’ can come along to see us for an informal chat and over a cup of tea to voice any concerns, issues or suggestions regarding Rye and Winchelsea Town that you may have.

Jayne believes in being visible, accessible and accountable, communicating council policies and decisions to you so you know how they will affect where you live and work ‘if in Rye or Winchelsea’. Jayne believes in transparency so you can voice your opinion and make informed decisions.

Jayne feels fortunate to live and work in the beautiful county of East Sussex the perfect mix of countryside and sea. Having moved to Winchelsea Town 12 years ago to help run the New Inn with her family, she then when on to work for a local charity where she has been office manager for the for the past 10 years. Having knocked on may doors over the past 5 weeks talking with lots of local residents, listening to their thoughts, opinions and hopes for the future. Jayne is even more determined and enthusiastic and welcomes the opportunity of representing you at Rother District Council.

On a more personal level, in her free time Jayne enjoys anything creative ~ she enjoys painting, is a regular at the Kino in Rye ‘a little gem’, she loves nature, animals and wildlife, is a member of Rye Arts Festival, Friends of Rye Nature Reserve, National Trust and the Woodland Trust.

Image Credits: Jayne Stevens .


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