Dominic Manning
East Sussex County Council Election

Dominic Manning

We invited each candidate to supply a statement and photograph. We have published their submissions verbatim, no editorial changes have been made. Any errors are those of the candidate.

Party description: Green Party candidate

I’ve lived in Winchelsea, then Rye, since 1997. I care deeply for the people and communities in and around our town. We are incredibly fortunate to live in such a beautiful place but should never take it for granted.

As an architect I’ve been involved in many community projects, including the Rye Scout Hut and the Memorial Halls in Icklesham and Peasmarsh. In a voluntary capacity, I’ve contributed to preparing the maps for the Rye Neighbourhood Plan.

In March 2020, I was part of the Rye Mutual Aid core team, assisting with obtaining and distributing PPE, leaflets and other items to the communities throughout Rye and Eastern Rother.

I’m a trustee of Strandliners which takes action to make our seas and rivers cleaner and provides information on marine pollution, especially plastics.  I have been the chair of the Rother Environmental Group since 2008.

I’m one of the founders of the Rye Food and Wildlife Community Garden, which continues to thrive. I’ve campaigned for the Rye Greenway, connecting Valley Park and Tilling Green to the schools and sports centre, for many years. I’m an avid supporter of the Swap Shop which I help to run.

I wasn’t always interested in party politics, but I’ve become increasingly worried that Conservative policies are damaging our society, our economy and our environment. I’m ready to step up and put my energy into being your county councillor. ‘Business as usual’ won’t work. We need a new approach and new energy.

Electing a Green councillor will provide much-needed balance to the Conservative dominated East Sussex county council.  I will work together with residents, organisations and other councillors to get things done. I’m grateful to the Liberal Democrats for not standing a candidate against me, as it gives me a better chance of being elected.

If I’m elected, I will work for:

  • Young people: I will help to get learning and lives back on track after Covid-19. I want to see free bus travel for all pupils living more than 2 miles from school and closer ties between schools and the communities they are within.
  • Older citizens: I will press for better care and support services, and more flexible, frequent and reliable bus services.
  • Local businesses: I will use my own experience of running a business to help local businesses recover from the effects of Covid-19 and Brexit and will help businesses become environmentally sustainable.
  • A better balance between the needs of tourism and the needs of local residents.
  • I want to see neglected pavements, footpaths, cycle path and roads mended.  And I want wildflower verges created; they are easier and cheaper to maintain than mown verges.
  • More action on climate change (zero carbon by 2030), divestment from fossil fuel investments, more recycling.
  • I’ll support any initiatives that bring our community and people of all ages together such as high-speed broadband, IT access for all, a library of things, day support and play, further education classes, social prescribing and better mental health support.
  • After the 2017 elections, Keith Glazier, the council leader, voted to give himself a 37% pay rise. I believe all councillor pay rises should be no more than inflation, and this money would surely have been better spent on improving services.

Vote for me, Dominic Manning, for real change, for our community and for our precious environment.

Image Credits: Dominic Manning .


  1. Good luck Dominic it’s time the green party had a stronger voice in this country altogether regards Mark

  2. Once again im in no doubt the Greens and labour will split the vote, and the tory candidate will slip in again by the side door,remember when Ukip came so close to giving us a fresh face at local level.

  3. UKIP have never got anywhere near getting a seat for Rye at district or county council elections in recent times, having been soundly rejected at the polls by voters! In the 2017 East Sussex County Council election for Rye, local Tory bigwig Keith Galzier won with 1,697 votes, while A Phillips representing Farage’s then party of choice got a mere 204 votes, just pipping the Greens candidate with 197 who trailed in last. The UKIPper, got a third of Labour’s votes and Ms Phillips only got 60 per cent of the LibDem’s count. A dreadful result for UKIP in anyone’s book.
    Two year’s later in the Rye ward for Rother District Council, there were seven candidates for 2 seats in the 2019 election. Ruth Green for UKIP scrabbled together 207 votes but trailed in last, being beaten by the Tories, Lib Dems, Independent and Labour candidates. Rye’s voters looked at these ‘fresh faces’ and clearly didn’t like what they saw consigning the UKIP candidates to a footnote of electoral history.
    Of course in 2015 Farage’s fringe party didn’t even field candidates in the Rother election for Rye, perhaps realising that it stood no chance whatsoever of electoral success, as was subsequently proven.

  4. Best of luck Dominic – we need you to provide balance and be a voice that’s focused on long lasting priorities that really do improve peoples lives and the environment we all share. Also knowing you personally you are totally honorable and deserving of trust. We’ve no doubt you will work your hardest for this community.

  5. Well today is the day to get change for our town,which has been neglected over the past 4 years, ( bring it on,) out with the empty promises and blight of our town,and hopefully a new beginning for us all.


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