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On Thursday, December 10, Martin Kyran and Jason McGhie took a big step by opening (briefly) their new shop, “Sailors” in 2 Needles Passage. It is a  small space, but the way the goods are displayed has allowed them to show an amazing wide and eclectic variety of wonderful items.

As Martin says: “Sailors gives you a collection of ‘must haves’ for your home, the street and the beach.” Both partners believe in anti-mass production and find one-offs, limited editions, hand-made, vintage or locally sourced goods.

The shop has a nautical aesthetic feel that delivers lifestyle ranges to wear, use or taste. Martin and Jason only stock what they love themselves, and strive to deliver items with more than one purpose.

Their mission is to always bring sustainable pieces, whether they be design icons or future classics. Martin has worked in retail for over 30 years, mainly in public relations and marketing for big and small brands and Jason worked as a designer in London for many years.

Both have always wanted to open a shop in Rye since moving into town five years ago and they were just waiting for the right opportunity which presented itself this year in the form of 2 Needle Passage which they had loved for some time. The duo always liked nautical things, the British seaside, and swimming, and have had many meals on the beach.

Martin and Jason want to stock things that further this lifestyle for locals and visitors and Martin says: “There are great shops here and we want to continue the trend by offering gorgeous pieces, yet bring something different and a variety to this exciting town.” For more information please go to Facebook or Instagram as their website is in progress.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster , Jason McGhie .



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