Camber Beer – a taste of summer

Andrew Dumas and his mobile tap room.

Camber gets a lot of local and national press coverage, the sands have featured in many films over the years and their magnetism still attracts tourists in their tens of thousands each summer and with some of the best beaches and dunes in the United Kingdom who can blame our visitors for wanting a piece of the action?

Parking problems and heavy traffic heading to Camber has been an issue for years and with no immediate solution in sight will no doubt be a problem for quite a while yet, but in amongst the negativity, something has been happening in Camber which you may not be aware of.

Camber has now established itself firmly on the map once again, not just as a major tourist destination but by producing it’s own branded beer, yes, Camber beer is here, bottoms up!

I caught up with local Camber resident and businessman Andrew Dumas, the man behind Camber Beer on a telephone interview. Following the initial launch earlier this year this exciting new enterprise has gone from strength to strength, a beer Andrew describes as “a tasty craft beer, think of it as a modern version of Doom Bar and enjoyed by beach goers and golfers evoking thoughts of dunes, the sea and Camber.”

Made for summer.

Andrew, originally from New York, moved to Camber two years ago and lives in a house just a few yards from the dunes and amazing beaches. His vision for Camber Beer is “to become the all seasons beach beer of the UK, for summer days, winter dog walks, fall bonfires or even at home wishing you were still at the beach”

When we spoke, Andrew was promoting his beers at Littlestone Golf Club where his bespoke converted Land Rover Defender 110 took centre stage as a mobile tap room with his beers available on tap.

Your pleasure awaits

Camber Beer offers three choices for thirsty beach goers, Camber Summer Ale, Camber Tide lager and Camber Sundown IPA.

The Camber Summer Ale is described as an all season beach beer made from no less than four West Coast US hops. Willamette and Cascade provide floral nuance while Citra and Idaho 7 deliver a juicy punch. It finishes with a distinct tang that urges you to take another gulp. Drink while strolling on the beach or during your summer grilling session. (4.0% ABV)

Camber Tide lager  is described as a refined lager made from the best quality British ingredients. Two local Kent hops, Admiral and Challenger, combine for a refreshing finish over a clean pilsner malt base. Pairs well with feet in the sand or sitting at home dreaming of the salty sea air. (4.1% ABV)

For those looking for something a little stronger, at 6.3% ABV, the Camber Sundown IPA is the one for you. Sundown is when the day melts into the night and Sundown IPA is a new juicy IPA packed with West Coast hops, perfect for the evening barbecue.

Now doesnt that look tempting?

Andrew is passionate about Camber, having moved here from the States, he feels that geographically, Camber is a very special place and part of his business plan is to find a building in Camber, either to rent or to buy where he can open a tap room, the plan being that in the near future, Camber Beer will be available on tap to be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike for all to sample and enjoy.

Follow Camber Beer on Instagram at and for more detailed information about how to purchase Camber Beer go to, for your chance to sample  “the official beer of summer”

Image Credits: Will Marsh .


  1. Nice idea but isn’t it brewed in East London, making it more Clapton than Camber? But I suppose IPA was brewed in Burton on Trent and not Bombay. There are some fabulous locally brewed beers that you might want to plug in the future.

  2. Our aim is to brew in Camber, but there is very limited retail/commercial space, so we did the next best thing and brewed with our friends in Bermondsey. The beer comes here and we do sales / distribution from Camber. The design and everything about the beer is Camber. Next season, watch for further developments!


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