Camber Sands are the best

The famous dunes backing on to Camber Sands opposite the Gallivant

This month a weekend edition of the tabloid newspaper the i featured “Britain’s best sandy beaches” and the article’s lead picture and choice was of nearby Camber Sands.

The article said: “Featuring the longest dune system on the south coast, Camber Sands is a rare sandy beach on the Sussex coastline, which mainly features stone and shingle beaches.

On a warm day, Camber Sands draws in up to 25,000 visitors

“Stretching for almost five miles – although the sandiest section is the western end by the mouth of the River Rother – its exposed position means it can get a tad windy, making it a popular spot for kite surfers and windsurfers.”

And the i’s photo from the sand dunes, like ours at the top of the story, shows a fairly empty beach – though the reality is more like the photo (right) – and that is at low tide.

At high tide thousands of people can be crammed into a very narrow strip of sand between the dunes and the water’s edge and going for an ice-cream can mean walking into the sea to get past the people.

The nearest sandy beach to Camber in the South East, said the i, was Botany Bay near Margate in Kent, and the other best beaches were spread around the UK with four in the West Country, three in Wales, two in East Anglia, two in the north east, two in the north west, and three in the south and three in Northern Ireland.

What was not covered however was Camber’s often most talked about feature recently – see photo below.

Parking in Camber can mean a £100 fine

Image Credits: Rye News library , Kenneth Bird .