Blood and gore at the King’s Head

This week Beer and Skittles visits the King's Head, Rye Hill, where butchers used to meet for a potent mix of beer, blood, gambling - and the tenderising of meat

Rye Bay guide, hot off the press

The 2015 edition of the Rye Bay guide is now available, with lots of useful editorial, adverts and information on how to reach the area, where to stay and what to do. The guide is produced by volunteers and can be picked up from leading retailers in Rye and farther afield

FixMyStreet pleads Winchelsea

As the roads and pavements in Winchelsea continue to deteriorate, frustrated residents complain that no one is interested in genuinely tackling the problem. So local conservation lobby Winchelsea Heritage is making sure East Sussex knows exactly what needs to be done

Follow that chef – along the street

The Ambrette has closed. But only very briefly. On Saturday it reopens at No 6 High Street, where Il Monastero used to be, to honour bookings from far and wide for a Valentine's dinner. Meanwhile, Tuscan Kitchen has changed hands, a feat achieved without a ripple on the surface, unnoticed by those who dine there and enjoy Agostino's Italian dishes

I’m in two minds about Cupid

Hate it? Love it? You know what I'm talking about. I confess that Cupid's bow strikes my heart - for drag, cabaret and Valentine tackiness

Sharing in the wind farm windfalls

The community investment fund provided by Little Cheyne Court Wind Farm has, since 2008, given more than £460,000 to local concerns. A group called Caring All together on Romney Marsh recently received a lump sum that will allow its weekly and monthly meeting points for the elderly and socially isolated to continue

Graham’s Way gets final go-ahead

The final stretch of the cycle and pedestrian path commissioned following the tragic death of cyclist Graham Mathews in 2004 has finally been given the all clear now that issues over the availability of additional land and funding have been resolved

Business help for women

Following on from the roll-out of super-fast broadband, East Sussex County Council is promoting the Government's Swift project, which is designed specifically for women to give potential entrepreneurs and business owners training in computer-based techniques and business programs

Pontins opens for job hunters

The recent recruitment day at Pontins Camber Sands, held in conjunction with the Rye Partnership rural employability project and Jobcentre Plus, attracted applicants of high calibre to fill a host of vacancies

Ball game to trap the batsman

First you had to bat the ball out of the trap and up into the air and then whack it before it hit the ground. And that's only half the story. David Russell finds out about a pub game played by Rye's fishermen back in the 1850s

Buoyed up at Rock Channel Marine

Rock Channel Marine has been trading in Rye for nine years now and is firmly established as one of Rye's premier boatyards and maintenance...

Paul Blomfield memorial service

Paul Blomfield , a well known figure in Rye, died on January 28. Following retirement as a civil engineer, he gave active support to many...

A Javelin joyride at slow speed

Once the talking was done at Amber Rudd's rail special, there was something to make them all start talking again: a sedate ride in a high-speed Javelin that was too fast for its own good. It soon caught up with slower rail traffic and had to stop. Nick Taylor was aboard

A pearl in our town’s oyster

The hottest thing to hit hot Rye in ages, carnival lights and sea urchins and yes, sale time. Britainy Rae is here once more to put some colour in your life

Straight out of a storybook

Mermaid Street is one of the loveliest places in the UK, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Rye has a new Christmas wish list

It was the talk of the town: a poor, poor show last December. Too much fell on too few shoulders. But Rye's mayor and her citizens want to go to the ball again. Together they will forge a new, brighter, dreamy Xmas that we can all be proud of. Derick Holman and the town clerk give us the inside story

The silent hunters in our midst

They are creatures of stealth, silent unless staking out territory or calling for a mate and flying so soundlessly that their prey - and we humans - are usually unaware of them. But Rye has a resident population of three varieties of owl and, in winter, they are joined by their short- and long-eared cousins

Could you be a first responder?

Volunteers in local rural communities can help save lives by volunteering to respond to 999 calls through Rother Responders.

Through the eyes of an owl

Humans tend to rely on forward vision, but our peripheral vision is far more sensitive to differences in light and dark and to movement. By developing this skill, our sensory perception can become greatly enriched - as martial artists have known for a long time and sportsmen and public speakers are discovering

Anything else you want, silly moos?

While the animals are bedded down for winter, with their owners waiting on them hand and foot, arable farmers are enjoying a well deserved break. But there are advantages to keeping livestock . . .