Lighting up stained glass

Local glass repairer and artist Susan Morris is seeking funds to open a shop in Rye. Susan is using Crowdfunder to raise the capital required

Sue Ryder raises funds

The Sue Ryder fundraising garden fete on Saturday July 11 raised £780, writes Kenneth Bird. Denise Ellis, manager of the charity shop in the...

WI stalwart Margaret dies

Margaret Hewett and her husband Sid moved to Rye from South East London, writes Margaret Holbrook. They joined the Methodist Church, where Margaret sang...

Mapp and Lucia mapped online

A mapping service showing the locations of the houses and shops in the Mapp and Lucia series is now online, created by local web...

Nautical edition

I've been drowning in the sea of Rye's Nautical Obsession. So I've customised a lifering to survive it in style

Letting service win business

After just one week trading at her new premises, local estate agent Jill Harris is delighted at the response from customers, both old and...

New look store at Four Doors!

Four Doors opened as a pop up shop at 17 East Street in April, selling Ladybird Books collections and products, which have proved very popular, says...

Sailing and walking lessons

Heidi Foster describes her adventure on the square-rigged training ship Lord Nelson and a visit to the home of democracy in Poland

Dragons would reject this pitch

The business plan for farming would never work in Dragons Den, but despite this, says Simon Wright, farming life has its compensations

Let’s build a shed

It took only a few hours to erect the brand-new garden shed at Rye Community Food and Wildlife Garden in Love Lane on Saturday...

Pets are in The Dog House

Stressed, aggressive and upset pets now have a place to go to for help - and their owners too. Yvonne Zackim offers a range of complementary therapies at The Dog House on Rope Walk, including reiki, crystal therapy and diet advice

Celebrity chef cooks up a crowd

As part of Jempson's 80th Anniversary celebrations, celebrity chef Rosemary Shrager hosted two cookery demonstrations at the Peasmarsh Superstore on June 26 and the...

Cockfighting at the George Tap

Lost pub the George Tap on Lion Street, was previously famous for its cockfights. David Russell reveals all

Queuing for the country

At 10 o'clock (or thereabouts), the door opens in Rye's Community Centre for the Country Market each Friday morning (except for a winter break). The queue - sometimes out of the door on to Conduit Hill - leaps to its feet and the race is on. Charles Harkness sets the scene and Mrs J. Stapley explains the history

Learning about healthier lives

Rother Voluntary Action organised an Activity Day on June 29 in the grounds of the Tilling Green community centre which focused on livelier, healthier...

Retreat saves bride’s big day

The bride was almost tearing her hair out, tears flooding down her cheeks, eyes red and puffy as she and the bridal party dialled around frantically trying to sort the disaster. And then a local hair salon stepped in . . .

Scooters rally to Camber

Soul music will compete with the throb of Vespa engines in Camber this weekend when the annual scooter rally takes place at Pontin’s, writes...

Sheep and others flock to Rye

Rye's fame is spreading with recent commendations in national newspapers and as far away as Japan (as shown in the brochure above). Even Shaun the Sheep has been in town, posing for selfies with the cannons in the Gun Garden by the Ypres Tower

Naughty cow takes the cornet

Ice cream van Maisie Moo is in the Town Hall's bad books. Under Section 148 of the Highways Act, it can be illegal to...

Open gardens are inspiring

Seven gardens were open last weekend at Playden, including Point Lodge, Maytham Cottage, Cherries in Saltcote Lane, the Old Rectory and two in Fair...