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Rye High Street in busier times - and before The George fire

It has been many weeks, now, since lockdown started and the majority of businesses have either had to shut their doors or find another way of working.

Here in Rye, pharmacies and food stores remain open, but very little else, and our streets have been largely empty.

During this time, some businesses will have been defeated by the financial impact and will never re-open, but with the prime minister’s announcement on Sunday, there does seem to be a small glimmer of light at the end of a long tunnel. Those who have been able to survive or adapt may, in June and July, and providing circumstances allow the government’s aspirations to be met, once again be able to start trading with some semblance of normality.

So what Rye News would like to know is this:

Do you have a business in Rye or the surrounding area, and, if so, how have you been affected?

Have you had to close completely?

Do you have staff who can continue to work from home?

Have you been able to stay open, but adapt the way you operate, such as a restaurant or pub just providing take away food, or a retail shop selling via mail order?

Has the call this week to get back to work where possible helped you?

Are you now able to plan for June or July?

Are you a sports club that can now start to operate again, even if only with limitations? (Sport England announced on Wednesday that all outdoor sports could resume subject to the new rules and revised restrictions).

We are all in this together and here at Rye News we have the opportunity to help you by letting people know you are there and, where possible or appropriate, letting customers and clients know your plans, whether you are working now, whether you have adapted the way you work to suit the conditions, or when you think you might be able to re-open.

Whatever size or type of business you may be, we want to let people know you are still there and we need to hear from you.

You can contact us by email at or you can telephone me directly on 07918 612311. We all share these difficult times, so get in touch and help us to help you.

Image Credits: Ray Prewer .


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