School’s 5p pots support lifeboat

Pupils at St Thomas Church of England primary school raising-funds for the RNLI wiith Betty's 5p pots

RNLI Rye Harbour fundraising team has embraced the task of raising funds by distributing Betty’s 5p pots

Betty Frith was the honorary secretary of the Hertford branch of the RNLI and whilst at Bexhill-on-Sea on holiday, staying at a guest house, she had the brilliant idea over breakfast of washing out the little pots with jam in and getting people to fill them with 5p pieces.

She had been doing this for many years when the Durham branch of the RNLI heard of the idea and ran with it. They have so far raised £123,000, that is 2.1 million 5p coins which, if laid end to end, would stretch nearly 25 miles and weigh over seven and a half tonnes.

Pots ready to go, with a feline helper (not included)

Pupils and staff at St Thomas’ Church of England primary school, Winchelsea, are loving the idea of filling up the pots with 5ps. They are having a competition to see which class can collect the most. Carol Gardiner, the head teacher, is very supportive of the local RNLI station. She commented, “The children are very excited about raising funds for the RNLI. We feel, as a school community, very strongly about supporting our local charities and in particular this one that encourages us to Respect the Water.”

In this fund-raising drive the Rye Harbour station has received great support also from the Rye branch of Boots; Rastrum Wharf , the Monday Club and the village stores in Rye Harbour; in Winchelsea The Ship and Cats Whiskers; NISA in Camber and a large number of individuals locally.

If you would like to support this venture by having a tray of pots please contact the author on 07789 818878. Let’s make this project a great success. We will never catch up Durham, Hertford and Dover but we will give it our best shot.

Jamie Wickens, owner of The Ship, said, “We are always happy to raise funds for the RNLI and encourage our customers to fill as many pots as possible. This enables the lifeboat volunteers to carry on their wonderful work of saving lives at sea.”

Image Credits: Kt Bruce , kt Bruce .


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