A Cry for Peace

The Town Crier's bell announces the Cry for Peace

Late on the evening of Remembrance Sunday, November 11, there gathered a small crowd in St Mary’s churchyard to hear Paul Goring, Rye Town Crier, make the Cry for Peace.

This is the title of a poem written by Brenda Willison, who is the Town Crier for Newmarket and Chairman of the Loyal Company of Town Criers, of which Paul is a member.

He did not use the Rye Town Crier’s bell on this occasion, but one made in 1939 as an Air Raid Warning Bell (before the Air Raid sirens were set up) and issued to ARP Wardens in the early days of the Second World War.

“As Remembrance Sunday commemorates both wars, the use of this particular bell was my way of including 2nd World War casualties in the Cry, which otherwise focused on the First World War”, he said.

We reproduce the Cry below.

Oyez Oyez Oyez  Cry for Peace Around the World

Town Criers raise your voices and together cry with me
Remembering those brave men and women in our history
The Battle’s Over A Nation’s tribute remembers them one and all
Be proud and stand united, don’t let your memories fall
Confidence is what we need so that Nations trust each other
And all the Races of mankind treat each other as a brother
Food for every living thing by nature is provided
If we could only see it was equally divided
The woods and streams, the mountains high, the sea and golden shore
Were never ever meant to be the cause of senseless bloody war
Or race for powerful armaments and sacrifice of youth
But a World of true contentment built on Faith and Trust and Truth
Peace to the World.

God Save the Queen and the Ancient Town of Rye!

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .


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