A gift for lifeboat

Generous donation to RNLI Rye Harbour from Rye Oil

A local firm has donated a gift to Rye Harbour’s lifeboat service. Not gold, frankincense or myrrh but diesel.

In 1983 Patrick Reardon started the company Rye Oil on the Harbour Road. Previously he had working for Elf on the same site and when it closed he bought the site and developed what is now a family-run company. He began with just one tanker and delivered locally but now there are five tankers and twelve employees.

Patrick has retired and his two sons, Paul and Jon, now run the company. Jon looks after the lubricant side to the business and Paul organises the rotas and is hands-on, driving tankers. Patrick still plays a small part and they all make a strong family team.

They have been very supportive of charities in the area and now they want to support the RNLI locally in the harbour. It is a charity close to their hearts because it is local and part of the village and villagers’ lives.

Pay back time for rescue

Paul and Chris (the third Reardon son) bought a boat a few years ago. They serviced it and made it as seaworthy as possible. However, when they launched it they soon found out that there was a leak and had to call out the RNLI lifeboat to rescue them.

Now, in their eyes, it is pay-back time and they are donating the diesel used by the tractor for the foreseeable future. Without the tractor the boat cannot be launched so it is a vital part of the daily operations of the station.

They believe in paying forward and are keen to support the amazing work that the volunteers do locally for the RNLI. Paul Anderson, head launcher at Rye Harbour, is one of their drivers and is proud to be involved with such a generous local firm.

Paul Bolton, the lifeboat operations manager commented, “We were really pleased to receive this generous donation from Rye Oil, a local business which is run on family principles, which will reduce our running costs substantially and help us to spend our monies on other necessary items. Our aim is always to be ready 24/7 at a moment’s notice in order to prevent tragedies at sea. We wish all our supporters, especially Rye Oil, a very happy and healthy Christmas and new year.”

Image Credits: KT Bruce .



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