Adult Learning Courses in Rye

The Office of the President

The Rye branch of the WEA (Workers Educational Association) is offering a packed programme of adult learning courses for this autumn, providing practical skills, leisure interest and a chance to learn more about the world!

Practical Gardening starts on Friday October 6 from 11:00am to 1:00pm at St Mary’s Centre in Rye, next to the Kino, with a class lead by Jackie White. The course is designed for people with a wide range of gardening experience from beginners upwards. And whatever your garden’s size – from a window box to a few acres of land – to the different soil types, the location – south or north facing, for example, to your ambitions, the course will be for you. The emphasis is on having fun while learning as well as sharing experiences and knowledge! And tea or coffee and cake feature highly on the menu! There are 10 weekly sessions of classes with 21 learning hours.

The first President of the US

And on Monday October 9 the course called US President – The Office and the Men starts at 2pm to 4:30pm at the St Mary’s Centre in Lion Street, Rye. The course content is pretty much ‘what it says it is on the tin’, and the course tutor Karen Chang will look in depth at some of the key presidents in the US history, focusing on how their individual stamp, as well as events and changing times has led to a development in the role from George Washington to Donald Trump. Once again, the class is designed to provide fun while learning. There are 21 hours learning over the 10 weekly sessions.

Wednesday October 4 sees the start of Practical Art – Water Colour Painting and Drawing which is taught by Judith Sillem. A professional artist in her own right, Judy leads an enjoyable social class which is suitable for all levels of artistic experience from the beginner upwards. Different subject matters are explored giving learners a chance to explore the possibilities of the medium and to develop a widening interest in what to paint and draw! The class is weekly from 2pm to 4pm at St Mary’s Centre in Lion Street, Rye and there are 10 sessions with 21 learning hours in total.
And on Thursday 12th October tutor John Digance will be bringing something new to the Rye WEA programme with a series of classes in the Kino cinema called Graham Green and Patricia Highsmith on Screen. John will be taking the class through comparisons of the works of the authors and how they have been adapted for the screen. There will be eight sessions, each week from 6:30pm to 9pm.

In addition to these weekly classes, there is a monthly course and a seasonal one too in the great outdoors!

Woods and trees

Burning Issues is a popular discussion group lead by tutor David Alfred in which the political, social and economic issues of the day are discussed in some depth. This is a great way to share views, learn from other experiences’ and knowledge and to simply chew the cud! The class meets on the second Thursday of every month starting on 12th October 12, with each session running from 1:30pm to 4:30pm.

Last, but far from least, we have a series of three day schools called Looking at Trees. Tutor and experienced woodsman – James Rosereare is an arboriculturist and artist – will be taking us for fascinating walks around heritage woodlands, explaining how woods and individual trees grow and are managed. Each session starts at 1pm at Rye train station where a bus will drive to a nearby wood, where the walks will take place, returning at 3:30pm. The first session is on Saturday October 14, with the others on January 27 2018 and April 14 2018.

All the courses cost £86.00 for 21 hours learning (except the Looking at Trees, which will be £32.25 for 4 sessions) , and concessions may be available. For more information on the courses and/or to book a place contact Jackie White on 01424 815292 or Andy Stuart on 07850 877647. Otherwise, simply come along on the day!


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