Oodles of attercops


Well, how quickly time passes; yes the nights are drawing in. Hopefully you will be able to join us at the Iden & District Natural History Society on October 13 at 7:30pm for our first talk by Chris Bentley. Many will know Chris, from Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, and will be aware of his expertise in finding wee creatures that nobody has recorded before, so please come along and enjoy his talk entitled “Oodles of Attercops”. (Attercops by the way derives from an Old English word ātorcoppe (“spider”), corresponding to atter (“poison, venom”) + cop (“head”). The latter is still to be found in the English cobweb. Cognate to Dutch etterkop (“peevish or ill-natured person”).

Meetings of the are on Friday evenings at Iden village hall and begin at 7:30pm. The subscription fee is a minimum of £14, or for visitors to lectures £3.

For more information, contact Colin Page 01797 224231 or Melvin Smith 01797 270587 

Photo: RHNR library

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