Affordable homes for locals

Breaking the ground at a new housing development in Icklesham which is now nearing completion - with some likely traffic interruptions

Works are underway to transform former farmland in the Sussex village of Icklesham into 15 new affordable homes for local people.

The homes, located along Icklesham’s Main Road, are due to be ready next summer. All 15 will be prioritised for those with a connection to the village, such as family or work, to ensure the much-needed new homes are available for local people. The majority will be available for social rent, though three will be offered through shared ownership.

To celebrate the start of construction, representatives from development partners Hastoe, Icklesham Parish Community Land Trust (IPCLT), Icklesham Parish Council, and Rother District Council were joined on the site at the end of June by Councillor Terry Byrne, Rother District Council’s portfolio holder for housing and homes.

Councillor Byrne said: “This ground-breaking housing project offers affordable, sustainable homes to the local people of Icklesham.

“The council is delighted to be working in partnership with Rother’s very first community land trust, Icklesham Parish CLT, and Hastoe to deliver the scheme, and we look forward to working with other CLTs in the near future.

“The new homes have been designed to lower energy consumption, helping to reduce fuel poverty in rural areas, and will continue to remain affordable ensuring future generations are able live in their local area.”

Artist’s impression of the new homes in Icklesham

Hastoe and Icklesham Parish CLT are working with a number of other local partners to bring the homes to life, including Icklesham Parish Council, architect firm ECE Architecture, contractors Westridge Construction and employer’s agent McCreath Construction Consultants.

Over £3.7 million is being invested into the new Icklesham development, including just under £2.4million from Hastoe as well as additional grant funding of £1 million from Homes England and £297,000 from Rother District Council.

Geoff Foot, chair of the Icklesham Parish CLT, said: “We are proud that our mission to provide affordable homes for Icklesham people has at last come to fruition. We look forward to the successful completion next year.

“We also want to thank all the agencies involved for their help and cooperation, particularly Action in Rural Sussex (AiRS) without whom it might not have been possible.”

Construction for the new homes has begun following the launch of Hastoe’s own building standard for all its new-build homes in spring. With a long track record in providing high-quality homes in rural areas, Hastoe tailors all its developments to fit within their village setting, and ensures that all its new homes meet the same minimum requirements in terms of design, sustainability and size.

Ulrike Maccariello, development director at Hastoe, says: “Our new build standard provides a firm commitment to building beautiful housing in rural areas. Our homes are also highly energy efficient, making them comfortable and affordable for our residents to live in.”

Anyone who’s keen to rent one of the new homes and meets the local connection criteria can apply online when they become available via Rother District Council’s social housing platform. For those interested in shared ownership, please visit Hastoe’s shared ownership web page to find out more.

Source: Hastoe Housing Association

Image Credits: Hastoe Group .


  1. An example for Rye to follow? The project has been ‘brewing’ for several years – I attended the inaugural meeting when the plans were unveiled – but as the saying goes ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’!

  2. Pip – completely agree. Is there a Rye Land Trust where locals can get some genuine influence in how development happens?

  3. John. It is called the Rye Neighbourhood Plan.

    This was agreed by local Referendum in 2019 and allocates land suitable for development including for projects such as CLT. These matters are being discussed currently between Rye Town Council and Rother Planners. Details are in the minutes of Rye Planning and Townscape meetings.

    Anthony Kimber PhD
    Coordinator Rye Neighbourhood Plan

  4. It would be interesting to know what land Rother and east sussex county council are siting on at the present time in Rye, and what are their long term plans of these sites, we know Rother wish to remove Rye hire from their present site,that they have occupied for many years, that many say is wrong.maybe our elected councillors on both councils, can update us to see what land they hold,and what are their plans, but i will not hold my breath for a reply, because it seems the only time we here from these people,is when they are seeking election.

  5. It would be interesting to know what land reserves Rother and East Sussex county council have still got in Rye,maybe our district representatives,who we voted onto these councils can update, to what is available for possible development for social,and affordable houses,to keep our local born and bred young people in this town.

  6. Good news! Hopefully it will be affordable, and allocated to local people.
    The White sands development in Camber was originally granted permission as affordable homes for locals, but the asking prices were anything but, so the majority of them are holiday / second homes.
    Out of all of them, approximately 60 are lived in, but this number may have increased since lockdown, as many ignored lockdown and came to their holiday homes.


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