Royal British Legion at 100

The Royal British Legion (RBL) marks its centenary this year. On 23 August 2021 at 11am in St Mary’s church, Rye, Sussex RBL will hold an event to start a pan-Sussex torch relay to mark the 100 years of RBL service.

Rye RBL will host the event, which will involve the dedication and lighting of a torch before it is dispatched on a route which will take it to many RBL Branches across Sussex.  The president of Rye RBL, will take charge of the torch in St Mary’s and hand it a Rye Sea Cadet, to represent the rededication and passing of the ideals of the RBL and the pledge of Remembrance, as it starts its journey across Sussex.

More details will be published later.

Image Credits: Anthony Kimber .

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