Back where they started


Rumours have been circulating for months past of Jen and Franco’s search (as many people know them by their first names only) for suitable premises in Rye in which to make their re-appearance. They looked at Ashbee’s, the Copper Kettle and the former Threshers (now taken by the new Rye Bookshop) before getting news that the Tuscan Kitchen itself in Lion Street was on the market.

It was an opportunity not to be missed. As Jen Vinter said: “The wheel has come full circle, figure of eight, and we are back where we started after many adventures and vicissitudes”.

Personal circumstances had taken them away from Rye. Help was needed back home in Tuscany to combat the devastating attack of white fly which had wiped out last year’s olive crop. Any future threat has been minimised by the application of organic yeast traps on the olive trees.

Then they had to decide between committing themselves to Franco Bochiccio’s family business in Tuscany or making their lives in England. Fortunately for their many friends and admirers, they chose Rye as their home.

They plan to re-open early in December. As a Zero Kilometer restaurant, there will be some fabulous recipes, using locally sourced organic foods. Other ideas might include a Rye Supper Club, where friends can meet for a convivial meal with a genuine Tuscan ambience.

As Jen said: “When we walked through the door it was as though we had never left – we are delighted to be back”.





Photo: Kenneth Bird

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