Bonfire ends with a bang!


Rye Bonfire hosted some 16 other Bonfire Societies and marching bands from all over Sussex last weekend, one of the highlights of the evening was the launching of the ashes two of its long serving members, John Izod & Jimper.  We are not sure exactly how this came to be, lost one suspects in a murky evening over an ale or two…rye-bonfire-1 rye-bonfire-4

The honour of lighting the fire (Rye Fawkes) went this year to one of our members Prince Rostislav R. Romanov III continuing a long tradition which in 1956 included one Norman Fawkes BEM a direct descendant of the original Guy Fawkes!

John Izod in a previous year

As a result of the grim weather the numbers attending were slightly down on last year (even so some 6-7 thousand from all over UK and further afield attended) despite this yet again Rye Bonfire’s Bucketeers demonstrated that they are the supreme collectors, the platinum standard to which all other societies’ collectors aspire.  Rye’s 50 Bucketeers collected a truly awesome total of £4,906.64, beating last year’s total by over £400!

Our top Bucketeeer for 2016 and the most worthy first recipient of the Jimper award for the most collected is Bill Wickens, whose collection of £542.30 is truly stupendous!mr-izod

Our second highest collection came from the marvellous Inspire, an amazing £319.17 (over 25% up on last year).  Sarah collected £292.56 for third place, and Liz G fourth with £236.94.

Old friend of the bonfire Jimper Sutton must have been cheering on his “Jimper Crew” – between them they collected a total of £352.71, even at his best he never managed as much as that – they should all be very pleased and proud of themselves.

As usual once all the bills have been paid, Rye Bonfire Society will be awarding donations to a number of local good causes in the New Year.

The fire was one of the largest in recent years and certainly warmed up an otherwise damp and dismal evening!  The burning boat was donated by Moon Marine, being a scale model of a galleon used as a  prop for many films and TV shows over the years, sadly it was neglected and rotten so needed a fitting send off!

We would like to say the hugest of thank you to ALL our magnificent Bucketeers, the volunteers who counted on Sunday, The Queen’s Head in Landgate for lending us their room and the members of the public who contributed so much on the evening.

The lucky programme for the prize of £200 is number 0618, to claim your prize please present your programme to Ian at Adams, 8 High Street, Rye, TN31 7JH.


Photos: Rye’s Own and Antonia East

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