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Remembrance Parade - 'eyes left'
Remembrance Parade – ‘eyes left’

Rye’s abbey-sized Norman church was packed out last weekend – not for a concert, as often happens, but for Remembrance Sunday – and the rousing service was followed by a quieter and more thoughtful laying of wreaths by the Town Council and many other service and community organisations.

The British Legion’s wreath was laid by the parade’s commander Neale East (above) who had been very busy the night before with the Bonfire Night procession and fireworks, and who keeps popping up all over the place, particularly in Rye News.

Unlike the night before (with a damp bonfire procession) Sunday was dry for both the Remembrance Day parade and the classic car rally, and the Town Council was dressed for the Rembrance Sunday service in black gowns, white gloves, and bicorn or tricorn hats (tricorns for the female councillors) – with the Mayor taking the salute for the parade.

Neale East lays the British Legion wreath
Neale East lays the British Legion wreath

Photos: John Minter

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .

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