French fries and big guys


Big Guys French Fries is the new street food restaurant in Rye

Georgi, Anelia and Dvora tell you on their website: “We’re an independent small restaurant located steps from the centre of town at 24 Wish Street. We’re proud to be the favourite for locals to meet friends for a beer or call for a fresh ‘big guy burger’. We serve juicy big burgers and steak sandwiches, crispy fish rolls and spicy chicken wings, pork wraps and many others. Come see us today! You`ll love us!”

Big Guys French Fries

Anelia explained that it is a family business, their dream come true.

Why did you come to Rye?
We had a family member here and we came to visit, loved it and decided to stay. Rye chose us! And so for ten years we stayed here.

What gave you your passion for cooking food?
We love to cook because it allows us to do things for others. Cooking is how we tell people how we care about them. If you love life, you like eating, you like cooking.

Who gave you inspiration and encouragement in the beginning?
Our friends, who are still behind us – love us and support us.

Where were you born and where did you grow up?
In Bulgaria.

How have you found it so far??
We have really nice and lovely customers. We just wanted to say thank you for choosing us, lovely people. Your support means a lot to us!

What are your opening times?
Monday, Thursday and Sunday
12 noon – 8pm
Tuesday and Wednesday closed
Friday and Saturday
12 noon – 9pm

What do you do you do on your days off?
We like to relax at home with a family. I love baking cakes, creating new recipes! We love traveling as well if we have more time!

Image Credits: kt bruce , Kt bruce .

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