Twinning – the business potential

Rye Chamber of Commerce met with the mayor of Montreuil-sur-Mer, Pierre Ducrocq last week to discuss the opportunity for, and benefits of, business links between our two towns. This was a positive first step towards a formal twinning of Rye with Montreuil in the future.

The meeting was part of a two-day itinerary organised by Rye’s mayor Andi Rivett and Councillor Rebekah Gilbert reciprocating the hospitality extended to them by Mayor Ducrocq in Montreuil last October.

The potential for forging closer ties with Montreuil is clear. Both towns are small, historic and picturesque, tourism driven, with many independently owned shops, excellent restaurants and a strong arts and sporting community.

Jane Brook, chair, Rye Chamber of Commerce said: “It’s clear that we could generate some valuable alliances for tourism and businesses. We discussed the potential for skills exchanges and training for the hospitality sector with chefs and front of house staff spending time in France and vice versa. Without cost to the town council, individual businesses could work directly with partners in Montreuil to explore opportunities of mutual benefit. Both towns have well recognised annual festivals and events which have growth potential in-order to help drive business during the quieter months of the year.

“We look forward to being introduced to the chamber-equivalent in Montreuil to explore next steps.”

Image Credits: Rebekah Gilbert .

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