Cakes and curiosities


Rye Castle Museum had a small celebration for the Queen’s 90th birthday with an event called cakes and curiosities on Thursday April 21 at East St Museum.

Medals and coins from the Museum
Medals and coins from the Museum

The afternoon was well supported – 17 people attended and bought along a variety of curiosities mainly associated with the Queen. Linden Thomas the museum curator showed a small selection from the museum’s collection, with a royal connection, including a jigsaw of the queen at her coronation and various medals and plates.

As you can see from the photos there was a wide range of artefacts that we talked about including a chair from the 1969 Investiture of the Prince of Wales, a George V miniature Bible and a stand which was believed to be produced for his coronation.

Miniature bible and stand from George V period.
Miniature bible and stand from George V period.

Mugs were popular commemorative items and there was a Rye pottery mug which was given to local children to commemorate the coronation and a Queen’s silver jubilee mug from 1977. We also looked through various old newspaper supplements produced by the Daily Telegraph for the coronation. It was amusing to see some of the old advertisements among the beautiful photographs. There was also a collection of pottery from a private collection of hopware produced in 1939 when the kilns closed and also one of the last pieces produced by Wally Cole –a small pot with seagull motif. At the end of the afternoon two other people bought along definite curiosities – items which we do not know the age or use and possibly the museum may be able to help with identifying the intended use of these objects.

Thanks to all who attended and to the ladies who provided the cakes, a fun and informative afternoon.

Photos: Ray Prewer

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