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Cars parking on the pavement in West Street

Rye Chamber of Commerce is urging residents and businesses if they have not yet commented on the ESCC Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) proposals to do so before September 27.

A spokesperson for the chamber, David Nixon, said: “The scheme being proposed by ESCC for the Rother area which includes Rye is going to cost over £600,000 of taxpayers’ money at a time when the leader of the county council has been on television claiming there will be further cuts to services in the area.  CPE will see unsightly ‘pay for’ parking meters installed on the High Street’s narrow pavements and the loss of the ‘one hour free’ parking that existed under the previous scheme managed by a traffic warden.

Anti-social all-day parking since police refusal, over three years ago, to enforce the restrictions, has become a daily problem so some kind of enforcement is required but the current ESCC proposal, with the fine detail only now being confirmed, has no support from businesses, residents, resident associations or Rye Chamber of Commerce.  Rye Conservation Society has been critical of the parking meters and Rye Town Council have withdrawn its support for the scheme”

Editor’s note: This issue is published on Thursday evening 26 September, so just one day left – readers will need to be quick. A further comment by David Nixon on the removal of the current free parking period is incorporated in our Opinion piece this week.

Source: Rye Chamber of Commerce

Image Credits: Rye News library .


  1. I think the idea of putting parking meters in the narrow pavements of this historic town is absolutely ludicrous, we do need parking control but what happened to parking wardens? it seems to me they would be a simple answer to the problem Including those selfish drivers that park on our pavements, and surely cost a lot less to the taxpayer.

  2. Who remembers the River Crouch Navigation Scheme, 1965/1970? Every penny demanded from yachtsmen went on administration, and nothing on safety. It was quietly dropped. A long time ago, but perhaps another lesson we should have learnt.


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