Dishy Rishi the man for Hart


As the gloves came off in this week’s televised debate between the two contenders for leadership of the Conservative Party and the next Prime Minister, our local MP Sally-Ann Hart has declared her full support for Rishi Sunak.

In a statement to Rye News, she said: “The on-going leadership contest has showcased the excellent range and depth of talent in the Conservative Party. Both Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are well placed to take the country forward whilst continuing to deliver on the commitments made in the 2019 election campaign, but I am backing Rishi to become the next Party Leader and our Prime Minister.

“Having led the economic response to a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, I am convinced that Rishi’s diligence and seriousness are exactly what our country needs to help get us through the challenging times ahead.

“As the future Prime Minister, he has committed to continuing the government’s crucial work on levelling-up which is particularly important in coastal areas such as Hastings, Rye and the surrounding villages, and Rishi will also take immediate action on other issues such as tackling the NHS backlogs.”

If anyone is keen to discuss any matters with the MP for Hastings and Rye at her next available surgery please email for further details.

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  1. I find that headline demeaning. I’m sure Hart made her decision based on Sunak’s policies rather than his looks, aren’t you? And then that carefully chosen photo montage to make her look like a girl with a crush on the teacher…I don’t like the Conservatives much either but that’s a cheap shot.

  2. Sally-Ann Hart is one of the 0.0005 percent of the population to choose two candidates from amongst themselves to be the next PM. But it’s now down to a much, much wider electorate, 0.25 percent of the population, to choose our next glorious leader. For us amongst the 99.75 percent that are just spectating, we can but admire democracy inaction, oops typo, in action.

  3. Did she ask her constituents who they wanted?
    She declared that she could no longer support Boris and has now given her backing to his right hand man, another member who was fined for breaking the laws he helped to make.
    If ever the Labour Party needed something to fall in their laps this will be it.

  4. Good luck trying to communicate with Sally Ann Hart. Her office gave me a reply to my e-mail – I queried whether it was Sally Ann Hart’s views or her office staff’s. I was told in no uncertain terms that SAH was too busy with constituent work to reply to e-mails and that is what her office is for. I did point out I was a constituent, but to no avail. A subsequent e-mail on a different subject was totally ignored. It would appear the only way I can communicate my opinion of SAH and her office, is at the next election.

  5. I can only assume that by declaring an interest in a particular candidate it is supposed to influence Conservative members in their voting. As chancellor he did play a major part in the furlough scheme helping many, but the scheme was not fault free. Billions given to German company in the UK that went to German Co. Shareholders, and much lost to fraud. He would not be able to sort the NHS it needs a total root and branch re-think.
    As to our elderly, many did not have to pay a BBC license, now they do, supporting personalities earning vast sums. With inflation on the rise, one simple action would be to cancel that government policy!!, Ian Jenkins.


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