Emergency services blocked

No throroughfare

A fire appliance was held up for more than 20 minutes last Friday November 15, as it attempted to negotiate the corner from East Street into Market Street. Had it been an emergency call out, this delay would have had serious consequences.

Fortunately however, this was a practice run with a trainee driver, so the fire crew could afford to exercise patience whilst one of the thoughtless drivers of the illegally parked vehicles was located.

Future parking controls to be introduced next year may prevent such problems, but whether the system, designed principally for large towns, will work in Rye remains to be seen.

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird , Jeremy White .


  1. I know Rye is pretty and all that but since people no longer care about double yellow lines the next step must be yellow boxes at all the relevant points. This corner for example, the top of Market Street on the High Street as another, outside the Landgate another where buses frequently have difficulty.

  2. I agree with Peter. The Council must make sure that these pinch points are kept clear at all times. Even with enforcement being brought in I would imagine that cars will still park illegally overnight when the risk of being caught is much lower.

  3. If there was a serious injury or worse due to emergency services being blocked off in this way, in the resultant inquiries who currently would be held responsible?


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