Entente cordiale

New appointments: Bernard Ries (left), vice president, congratulating Robert Holland on his appointment as president of the Rye & Winchelsea Rotary club

A continental flavour has been added to the leadership of the Rye & Winchelsea Rotary Club. In the annual elections to its management committee, Bernard Ries, a native of Marseilles, was appointed as 2014/15 vice president to understudy the new president, Robert Holland – who claims to come from a less exotic geographic location.

Robert outlined his comprehensive plan for the year ahead, having consulted members extensively prior to his installation as head of the club. These include streamlining fund-raising techniques, reducing formality within the club and increasing membership.

Outgoing president Colin Baker expressed his gratitude to members for all their help and remarked that he was highly impressed with Robert’s detailed planning for the year ahead.