Fly-tippers leave clues

This rubbish collection could provide clues to the culprit

How many times when you have seen fly-tipping have you hoped, without much hope, that the culprits would be brought to book?

Last week fly-tippers struck in Winchelsea, throwing a pile of domestic rubbish over the wall of a field opposite the public toilets in Monks Walk. The incident was reported to the National Trust, to whom the field belongs. Police were called and, when they inspected the rubbish, found several letters with the same address.

A spokesman for Winchelsea Neighbourhood Watch said, “We will be watching closely to see if the police,or Rother District Council, follow this clue up. It is always possible that the addressee of the letters is not involved, but we may have a chance here to prosecute a fly-tipper and deter others”.

Photo by Richard Comotto