Food bank seeks help

Volunteers ready to despatch food parcels to the needy

We will be open as normal each Wednesday during December at the Baptist church hall in Rye’s Cinque Ports Street from 1pm until 3pm.

We plan to give each of our clients a hamper for Christmas containing festive goods above and beyond the normal weekly allowance so please, if possible, donate one or more of the items listed below, ensuring that all items are in date, packaging remains unopened, and do not include alcohol.

Please bear in mind due to lack of storage facilities we cannot accept anything that has to be cold stored. We are also unable to accept items that are not actual food stuffs (decorations, crackers, toys etc.)  We are sorry to say this, but this is due to lack of storage capacity.

We would appreciate any of the items listed below and would like to receive them on or before Wednesday, December 8. We will distribute Christmas hampers on Wednesday, December 15. Fresh fruit and vegetables are also welcome but not until Wednesday, December 22 when we will distribute boxes for our clients.

Item Unit
Christmas Cake Small
Christmas Cake Large
Chocolate biscuits Small
Chocolate biscuits Large
Sweet biscuits Packet
Sweet biscuits Box
Savoury biscuits for cheese Packet
Savoury biscuits for cheese Box
Christmas Pudding Small
Christmas Pudding Medium
Christmas Pudding Large
Cranberry Sauce Jar
Stuffing mix Packet
Sweets Small
Sweets Large
Chocolates Packet
Chocolates Box
Ham Small Tin
Ham Large Tin
Salmon Small Tin
Salmon Large Tin
Jelly Packet
Custard Sachet
Mince pies Pack of 6
Mixed fruit Tin
Packaging Bag
Packaging Box


Monetary donations can be sent to Rye Foodbank at Barclays Bank, sort code 20-54-25, account number 83501116, through the Jempson Foundation or cheques to Rye Foodbank c/o 24 North Salts, Rye. If you donate via the Jempson Foundation and are a taxpayer, gift aid can be applied, thereby increasing the value of the donation by 25% at no cost to the donor.  If you make a bank transfer, please do send us a message (via so we know who it is from and can send a receipt, if required.

Thank you to everyone who supports Rye Foodbank.  Helping those in your community who are less fortunate is important at this time.

Image Credits: Mags Ivatts .


  1. Ghosh I do hope no one is diabetic..What a list of sugar filled items.
    Having just had a visit to the dentist …filling needed to replace one ..
    More conscious of the detrimental effect of SUGAR on teeth…
    Will a tooth brush and paste be included..
    Wishing every one a joyful blessed Christmas..Clients and volunteers .

    • Margot, thanks, yes dentists will get extra business if we all consume too much sugar in our diet.
      Saw a programme called dangers in the home of medieval/Tudor times and it was the import of Sugar and use by the wealthy that their teeth were destroyed by the high sugar content then the poor too as they were given it..they showed skulls of the time which highlighted the tooth decay and the pain of abscess. No dentists, no tooth brushes, no tooth paste. Made one think.

  2. Everybody deserves a few treats at Christmas and as the store manager says these are in addition to the regular food bank items approved by the Trussell Trust to provide a nutritional diet.

    • Jen, yes a few treats are always welcome. And especially when people are going through a time of worry and stress..
      But as my mother had diabetes type 2 . The consultant told her not to have Mince pies etc because of the high sugar content.. so I cut one in half and we shared it with a cup of a Christmas season treat…the tinned fruit could be the type that is in its own juice not syrup.
      Why have chocolate biscuits not a bar of plain chocolate which is less sugar and better in one square a day…health and happiness..
      the Trussel trust does mention to try not to have too high a sugar content in the food parcels. As the chief medical office has advised for the nation. But as always moderation and understanding what goes into food is best.

        • Maggi Ivatts .
          I once joked with the a doctors receptionist about there Christmas hamper raffle..saying hope th person who won it wasn’t diabetic or alcoholic…as there was an abundance of high sugar content foods and alcoholic beverages. Not one item of lower sugar or non alcoholic drink.
          She she had a sense of humour.

          I fully realised that there was also going to be given fresh food from
          Hands of hope charity . I know Sosi…and her kindness and hard work.

  3. Hands of Hope Charity will be supplying organic veg grown at our Farm to all the families for their Christmas dinner – they will all receive carrots, parsnips, potatoes and Brussel sprouts. We are also hoping to raise enough funds to buy whole fresh chicken for all.

    We tackle food poverty, childhood obesity and adult loneliness through the amazing power of organic vegetables. The produce we grow goes to food banks, lunch clubs, kids clubs etc
    Our Veg box sales help us raise funds to support our community with all proceeds getting ploughed back into the charity.
    Support us by visiting

    • Thank you so much Sosi and for the marvelous support Hands of Hope have supplied to Rye Foodbank throughout the year. Your fresh produce is so very much appreciated by all our clients, as is your kind and generous attitude of giving to the needy. We believe this is the true meaning of Christmas and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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