Procession sets off

Torches blazing

The Rye Bonfire pageant was held on Saturday, November 13 and opened with the most magnificent display of pageantry, starting from Mason Road, Tilling Green and going along Ferry Road to the Crown Inn, in the images below. The route was then followed to the junctions of Mermaid street and the Borough Arms, the main picture.

Setting off to the sound of an extremely loud maroon, the packed street responded with a resounding cheer. The crowds at this end of the parade were much larger than usual, and every age was represented, from excited children waving light sabres to parents to older residents. Such a relief to be out in the open and celebrating again after last year’s hiatus.

It was amazing the way a rather dull suburban road was transformed into something quite magical, the drums the heartbeat of the march and the drummers completely unrecognisable under their rather fabulous hats. As always, there were wonderful costumes like the Victorian dresses below, and most importantly the flaming torches. What a sight, what a wonderful change, how everyone enjoyed it, if only for a few hours!

Image Credits: Gillian Roder .


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