Iden Stores Association to hold AGM

Iden Village Store

During lockdown, the residents of Iden and the surrounding area realised just how lucky they were to have Iden Stores and post office open every day. Tenants Chris and Sally provided customers with not just the essentials but also some fine baking, excellent wines and cheese. They also went the extra mile by delivering to those who were unable to get to the shop.

We have many new residents in the village and some may not be aware that this treasured village asset could have been lost in 1997 when the premises came up for sale and there was a real possibility that they could have been converted into a house. Local farmer Christopher Strangeways was determined that this would not happen, he suggested to the village that a partnership should be formed; he would buy 80% of the freehold and the residents would provide 20%, in this way the money was raised and the shop was saved.

The Iden Stores Association Ltd holds the villager’s 20% share of the shop freehold. The shop and flat above are let to tenants, rents and expenses are shared on an 80% – 20% basis and over the last five years vital improvements have been made to make the bright and welcoming shop we have today. Iden Stores Association is run by a committee, but it also has members and more members are required to ensure the residents fully support their shop and post office. We must never take the shop for granted and we need to demonstrate that the village is backing this invaluable part of our lives. Membership forms are in the shop, there is currently no fee to join, alternatively you may write to
ISA Ltd c/o Iden Stores.

The Iden Stores Association annual general meeting will be held in Iden Village Hall on Tuesday, October 19 at 6pm, please come along and show your support.

Image Credits: Yvonne Metcalf .


  1. Such a brilliant concept! I truly hope that the store receives the support – both practically and financially – that it deserves. All communities would benefit from a co-op; it helps to build friendships and is an incentive to stay. I’m certain that I would be correct in saying that many of the new residents are from more affluent areas, as in most of our surrounding villages, towns, etc and this is an excellent scheme for them to contribute to.

  2. We live in Peasmarsh but went on a walk round Iden and visited the shop – it was a fantastic place with a really wide range of local products at a good price. Well done to all involved!


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