Roadworks in Market Street

It's hard digging, the machine can only do so much

Work started on the morning of Tuesday, October 12 digging up the pavement at the entrance to Seaview Terrace. UK Power Networks have commissioned LPC cable installation engineers to replace the electricity link box that was installed sometime in the middle of the last century and is now obsolete.

The fallen parking meter

The first task was to remove the new parking meter. With the customary lack of coordination between utility service providers, this had been inconveniently installed almost on top of the link box.

The work of renewing electric cables is scheduled to last about seven days, until October 18, during which time car parking in this area is suspended. We are informed that no serious interruption is envisaged to the electricity supply.

The link box with trailing arms like a giant insect

The pavement here in East Street and Market Street is of York stone, having been laid in the early 1990s with the benefit of an EU grant, if I remember correctly. As with other Rye streets, there are many broken slabs caused by by heavy goods vehicles parking on the pavements, but where there is bollard protection, they are still in good and sound condition as they are here.

Reinstatement of pavements is normally a protracted affair, and we may see a temporary cover of tarmacadam over the area, but it is to be hoped that the eventual re-paving will be to its present high standard.

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .


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