Kino celebrates the first five years

Approaching the Kino entrance in the late afternoon

On Wednesday January 15, the Kino in Rye celebrated having been open for business for five years. To mark the occasion, Hugh Kermode has produced a new film based on the series of short films which were shown some time ago.

His film will also be shown in both cinemas, at the Kino, in the coming week.

The scale of the achievement is reflected in the fact that over 280,000 tickets have been sold and 1,100 films shown over the past five years. Many thousands more have visited the Kino for coffee, drinks and food.

The Kino thanks everyone who has helped make this possible.

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .


  1. One of the best thing that as happened to rye in the last 5 years is this cinema well done to all concerned its a big thank from us
    Nice to have a modern public place to go instead of more second hand junk shop that keep appearing


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