Lady luck scratches up a fortune

This Tilling Green shop provided the ultimate shopping experience for one happy shopper

A resident on the Tilling Green estate, Rye, had a life-changing experience on Saturday when she purchased a £2 National Lottery Scratchcard and her lucky numbers came up, scooping her the jackpot of £250,000.

The woman, who was described as being in her 50s or 60s, is yet to be named and purchased the scratch card at the Premier store shop on the Tilling Green Estate. A fellow shopper said that the lucky lady was so shocked she had to ask the shop assistant to doublecheck the card. And when the shop assistant confirmed the card was correct the winner just laughed with happiness. The shop assistant was so excited he nearly fainted.

Rye News would really like to interview the lucky winner so, if you are reading this, please get in touch with us at And many congratulations!

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There are 16 top prizes and one of them was won in a local store