Landgate survey still in limbo

Buddleia and birds!

It has been some months since a report was received by Rother District Council (RDC) from a firm of specialist surveyors, on the state of the Landgate. Recent enquiries have elicited that RDC is still not prepared to release the report until time can be made to accompany it with a paper suggesting the way ahead. Research has been undertaken to locate potential funders for the work that will need to be done.

The reason given for the delay is pressure of other – and time-limited – business that has to be attended to by a staff that has already been reduced by around 30% over recent years. For example, the forthcoming inquest on last summer’s events at Camber Sands, which is likely to prove contentious and potentially lengthy; the examination of various neighbourhood plans now being submitted; the revised localised governance system for Bexhill, to name but three, are all time-consuming issues.

However, while all the above may be correct, it has to be noted that, back in January, we were advised that the delay was due to “staff sickness” and that the report  “would be with key partners shortly”.

However, Rye district councillor Lord Ampthill has undertaken to try to identify a timetable for the report and has also said in the past that he considers that a contribution from Rother equivalent, approximately, to the return derived from the sale of Camber Fields last year, would be appropriate. This is likely to be less than half the minimum spend required on the building, but would, nevertheless, significantly help in encouraging other potential funding agencies to assist.


Photo: Rye News library


  1. As the delay continues, in refurbishing the Landgate tower, its a shame the town steward and his helper, cannot access it and clear the jungle, that is emerging out of the top of it,as sadly like so many areas in Rye, that have become an eyesore,in recent years.


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